Tim’s Top Links – 7/5/18

by | Jul 5, 2018 | News

I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day holiday in the United States!  Again, this is @TomMullooly, filling in for the vacationing Tim Mullooly

Got $3.5 million? Schwab thinks you’ll be comfortable in NYC (NYPost):

Tim talks with Alex Palumbo of Ritholtz Wealth Management on our “Living With Money” podcast:

No Soup for you! Maybe Campbell Soup ought to give up the gig (WSJ/subscription):

Complacency was so 2017. Here’s what’s in now…angst! (Bloomberg):

Hamtil Measures valuations between US and other markets (Fortune Financial):

(video) Whether you’re investing or de-cumulating, Christine Benz and Jeremy Glaser suggest you ought to have a Retirement Policy Statement (Morningstar)

Corey Hoffstein discusses the reasons for building a new glidepath (Newfound Research):

(video) Tim hits on the reason to own bonds, as he discusses the junk bond market in this short video (Mullooly Asset)w/a hat-tip to @ReformedBroker and @MichaelBatnick:

Cargo Ships races to China to beat the clock on tariffs (Bloomberg):

A quick reminder from @FredWilson to keep your blinders on. It’s short, to the point, has a Boogie Cousins mention, but moreover – ignore the news cycle and focus on what YOU can control.

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