Here’s how we can help you plan for a retirement you enjoy

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Fit meeting

Our process begins with a 20-30 minute meeting, in-person or over Zoom — your choice.

There is no cost or obligation for this meeting, and there’s nothing you need to bring — it’s simply an opportunity for us to get to know one another.

We aim to create a low-key, stress-free conversation where you ask questions and determine whether or not we’re a good fit for your needs.


Data gathering

Next, we’ll create a secure, encrypted portal for you to upload documents to share with us.

We will have ongoing communication through your preferred method — email, Zoom calls, however you like to work best.


Planning review

Here, we’ll construct the basic building blocks of your financial plan. We’ll also review the balance sheet and personal financial statement we’ve constructed for you based on the information you provided us.

This step is vital in ensuring we have a clear understanding of your entire financial situation.


Measuring risk

Then, we’ll use our set of tools to measure your risk appetite. We’ll also take a look at how much risk is found in your current investments.

Our ongoing conversations, along with your financials and risk analysis, should provide a basic understanding of where you stand.


Investment implementation

Finally, we’ll discuss a specific investment path for you and how to fully implement your plan. Before making any suggestions, we have a fiduciary responsibility to learn everything we can about your situation.

That’s why we take each step of our process seriously. We want to know who you are and what you want before moving forward!

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