Simba, it’s the Circle of Life!

Hey there, Tom here filling in for the vacationing Tim this week. Off to a good start, I completely missed yesterday’s post! Here’s what we have been reading and talking about in the halls of Mullooly Asset Management:

Simba, it’s the Circle of Life – if you hang around the industry long enough, the same names keep coming back.  Dell considering going public again: (BI)

Perfection is not just the enemy of the good. It’s the enemy of the “ship date.” We wrestle with technology changes ALL the time at MAM, you might too: (Fred Wilson, AVC)

It’s nearly Independence Day. You know what that means? Wimbledon! Here’s the latest:

Justin Castelli’s rundown of EBI West: (All About Your Benjamins)

Of course, you should have listened to Justin’s “one question podcast” by now: (AAYB podcast)

In the UK, they’re concerned about the beer: (Bloomberg)

Heads up and be careful – this may be coming to an ATM near you: (Bloomberg)

Hedge funds, predatory lending.  Put them together and it’s not cool: (The Irrelevant Investor)

Don’t Answer the Phone. It’s not for you anyway: (WSJ)

Frank Abagnale (subject of the movie “Catch Me if You Can”) gave a talk at Google last fall. It’s a long video. The first half recaps his story. The second half Q&A gets into some VERY interesting security questions for today. This link brings you right to the Q&A:

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