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Again, with @TimMulloolyMAM out of the office, this is @TomMullooly covering. Today happens to be National Fried Chicken Day (#NationalFriedChickenDay). So, join us tomorrow for “National Blocked Artery Day” (#NationalBlockedArteryDay)?  We will be gathering at the Emergency Room entrance of your local hospital.

Here are our top links for Friday July 6, 2018:

Greg Harmon (Dragonfly Capital) discusses $TLT, Treasuries and why Friday’s close carries a lot of weight.

For some excellent insight into what the lives of Met fans are like, check out Faith and Fear in Flushing. Blogging since 2005, Greg Prince (and Jason Fry) write so well and have an encyclopedic memory of “all things Mets.”  There is a re-cap and healthy discussion of every game, on the site.  Always great writing found here and always worth your time!

Washing machines are robots, but they’re not ‘intelligent’ – Ben Evans of Andressen Horowitz discusses “artificial intelligence” and how we ought to think of it.  And here is a big tip: sign up for Ben’s emails, they are fantastic!

Perhaps Peter Lazaroff’s father-in-law can help me get a car this fall? Peter discusses his father-in-laws’ approach and the relationship between supply and demand (and understanding that relationship) in “How Markets Work”

Nick Maggiulli writes about why we should not take market history for granted in “The Privilege of Knowledge.”

If you are going to work today, you ought to DO something. Tony Vidler asks, “did you create something valuable for a client today?”

We’re curious what @laurenthomasx3 has to say! Life at the Mall continues to change. Tenants had an “Out” when Giants like Macy’s left. Not anymore (Bloomberg):

You really need to see these — Photos taken by the EPA reveal America before pollution was regulated (BI):

Are you following these folks on Twitter?  You can find them here:

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