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Some days there are more important articles than others.  Today is one of those days.  For the past two weeks, a large majority of articles surrounding the financial world has discussed the possibilities and now affects of ‘Brexit’.  Some articles are much better than others.  My brother, Casey, sent me an article yesterday that I found to be one of the BEST on the topic.  That is why today, instead of ‘top links’, I am only posting this one link.  Everybody should read and understand this article.

Emotions play a HUGE part in the way a lot of people act with their investments.  Despite how some people might say they react, it is only human nature to have some sort of emotional reaction to current events.  In my opinion, it’s OK to have an emotional reaction to a story, so long as you can UNDERSTAND those emotions and not let them influence any poor decisions.

This article dives into a number of different emotional reactions a person might have had to the Brexit news over the last couple of days.  They go on to dissect each emotion and give a brief explanation of what that person can learn from Brexit.  A large number of you might fall into these emotions, and I suggest you give it a read!

Here’s what everyone should be reading today:

‘Wise Investors Can Learn A Lot From Their Emotions’ – Portfolio Charts


Timothy Mullooly

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