1099 Forms: Tax Season Clean Up Video

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Asset Management


Many clients have been calling in looking for the 1099 forms lately. This is to be expected because we are in the middle of tax season. Tom and Brendan both felt that this timely video would help to answer a lot of frequently asked questions about 1099 forms. The reason people have been calling in about their forms is because they used to be mailed out at the end of January. Due to the need to correct these 1099 forms often throughout the course of February, they decided to not mail them until the end of the month. The 1099 you receive at the end of February should be a lot more accurate than the others you used to receive. Tom and Brendan will cover more interesting topics such as why you wouldn’t receive a 1099-B form, gross proceeds, why you wouldn’t receive a 1099-INT form, and something most people forget to include into their cost basis each year. You don’t want to miss this information packed video from Mullooly Asset Management!

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