Tim’s Top Links – 8/26/16

by | Aug 26, 2016 | News

Hey everybody, Brendan here! Tim is out for the day getting a head start on his weekend, so I’ll be taking care of his Top Links.

I’m coming up on my four year anniversary in the business, and I must say that reading numerous financial blogs every day has given me a valuable education. It’s inspired me to write, which I now believe is one of the best things a person can do to develop better communication skills. It’s also helped me to stay continuously learning and challenging prior beliefs. Hope everybody has a great weekend!

Here’s what we’ve been reading at Mullooly Asset Management:

“Pundit or Professional?” – Charlie Bilello – Pension Partners

“The Big List of Great Money Advice” – Dr. Daniel Crosby – Nocturne Capital

“Financial Failings of NBA Legend Antoine Walker” – Brad Sherman – Sherman Wealth Management

“Foreign vs Domestic Equity Performance by Sector” – Lawrence Hamtil – Fortune Financial

“What are Interest Rates Forecasting for Stocks?” – Isaac Presley – Cordant Wealth Partners

Brendan Mullooly