Tim’s Top Links – 8/25/16

by | Aug 25, 2016 | News

This August certainly feels like the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ compared to last year.  The weather’s hot, the markets are relatively quiet, but Labor Day is right around the corner.  With Labor Day comes fantasy football, NFL Sundays, and no longer having to watch the Mets crush my hopes and dreams.  I guess like they say every year, “there’s always next year” *sigh*

‘Overcoming Age Bias: Tips For Young Financial Advisors’ – Michael Kitces

‘Are You An ETF Trader or An ETF Investor?’ – Chris Dieterich – Barron’s

‘Still A Lot Of Negativity On Housing’ – Barry Ritholtz – Bloomberg

‘All Eyes On Jackson Hole Fed Confab’ – Andrew Barber – Institutional Investor

‘7 Tips To Avoid Identity Theft’ – Jason A. Eliason – Waller Financial Planning Group