The Biggest Financial Stories of 2022

by | Dec 30, 2022 | Blog, Podcasts

In this week’s podcast, Tom and Casey recap the biggest financial stories from 2022. There was no shortage of things to talk about this year, from inflation and unprecedented interest rate hikes, to one of the most volatile years ever for the stock and bond market.

The guys wanted to cover it all one last time before we head into 2023, so be sure to tune in and hear where we stand before the book closes on 2022.

**We reference charts throughout the episode, the links to those charts are below**

Show Notes

Living With Inflation – iShares

Rate Hikes, Quantitative Tightening and Bond Yields – Kathy Jones- Schwab

Student of the Market – BlackRock

Compound Advisors – This Week in Charts 12/4/2022

Rethinking the Role of Bonds – iShares

Markets in Perspective – First Trust

The Stock Market’s Reaction to the Latest CPI and Fed News – Mullooly Asset Podcast

The Biggest Financial Stories of 2022

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