The Stock Market’s Reaction to the Latest CPI and Fed News

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Podcasts

In this week’s podcast, Tom, Brendan and Casey discuss the stock market’s reaction to the latest inflation reading and interest rate hike. The Fed has done a lot of work this year raising interest rates as much as they have.

The guys also discuss other more planning related topics like how we work with couples when only one spouse wants to work with an advisor and why it’s important to spend time thinking about what your money is for.

It’s important to have goals to measure progress against!

Show Notes

Stocks have sold off the day after the Fed meetings – Ryan Detrick

He Thinks All Financial Advisors Are Rip offs – MarketWatch

The Only Investing Goal That Matters – Behavior Gap

The Stock Market Looks Forward – Mullooly Asset Podcast

The Stock Market’s Reaction to the Latest CPI and Fed News


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