Not In The Predicting Business

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Videos, Asset Management

Mullooly Asset Management is not in the predicting business!
Even though the rest of Wall Street seems to be!

When you make predictions, you will either be right or wrong.
You may be good at making predictions, for a while.
Sooner or later you will run into a bad string of “guesses” and your reputation is shot.

We are not in the prediction business because predictions are only a guess, and rarely do they work out.
Good example:  back in April 2014 (April 22, 2014) CBS Marketwatch posted a story how “100% of Economists Think Rates Will Be Higher in Six Months.”

And now that six months have come and gone, we have discovered that not only are rates lower across the board, but 100% of Economists were wrong.

We avoid being in the predicting business because there is no value in that.  We have learned it is better to focus on what is happening now.  Because what is happening now CAN and WILL have an impact on your investments.  That is why we rely on point and figure charts.  Point and Figure charts are excellent at telling us what is happening right now — whether we are charting a mutual fund, an economic indicator, a stock, or the entire market.  The charts we use, provided by our friends at Dorsey Wright & Associates, are wonderful tools that help keep us out of “bad predictions” and “bad bets.”

Regarding the data in the video, the yields cited were provided by

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