Investment Management – Our Process

All of our investment advisory accounts are worked on together, by the Mullooly Asset Management Advisory Team, and overseen by Thomas P. Mullooly, our President and founder. The team (Brendan, Tim, Casey and Tom Mullooly) meets each morning to discuss pertinent market and economic data, review our investment research, and analyze our investment positions. This ensures each client investment position is researched and continues to be actively monitored over time.

Long term growth is the focal point of our investment management process.

The biggest risk investors face is the potential that their investments will not be enough to help them achieve their future goals. Long term investment results are the main results that matter, but the short term is where our patience gets tested the most. In fact, Warren Buffett has said that, “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient”. The Mullooly Asset Management Advisory Team strives to help clients be the patient investors Buffett describes.

We have designed our investment management process to help clients mentally survive patience-testing, short term volatility. By mentally surviving the short term, clients remain positioned to benefit from sensible, long term investment plans.

We achieve this through our systematic risk management methodology. This focuses a piece of each client portfolio on managing market volatility. We’ve found this approach helps our clients remain calm, while other investors might become emotional. Emotions and investing do not mix well. While we cannot entirely eliminate our emotions, the more we control them the better investment results will be.

Through personal meetings and discussions, the Mullooly Asset Management Advisory Team discovers client goals, determines their tolerance for volatility, and matches them with an appropriate mix of investments. Our years of experience have helped us craft practical solutions that work in the real world, not just on paper.

Our process does not aim to find the “perfect portfolio”. In fact, we believe the “perfect portfolio” does not exist. Instead, our investment management process focuses on finding a portfolio that clients can stick with through all market cycles. The portfolio a client sticks with is infinitely better than one they abandon.

We believe so strongly in our investment management process that members of the Mullooly Asset Management Advisory Team own the same investments as many of our clients. We eat our own cooking. Unfortunately, many in our industry cannot say the same.

The Mullooly Asset Management Advisory Team acts as fiduciaries to our clients and places an emphasis on keeping their costs low. We achieve this through use of discount brokerage firms, low cost investments, and tax-efficient investment methods.

Most of all, as fiduciaries, we place our clients’ interests ahead of our own at all times. We wouldn’t dream of doing business any other way.

All of these factors amount to a world-class investment management process that has served Mullooly Asset Management’s clients since 2002.