How To Avoid Emotional Investing Video

by | Sep 9, 2013 | Videos, Asset Management

In this video from Mullooly Asset Management, Tom and and Brendan discuss how to avoid emotional investing. Emotional investing has many forms, but all of them create the same undesirable result. The result is typically poor performance in your portfolio. When it comes to your hard earned savings, it can be difficult not to get emotional. Especially with some of the headlines we see on a daily basis from the financial media.

So how can investors learn to avoid emotional investing?

Here at Mullooly Asset Management our strategy allows us to leave emotion out of investing. By using point and figure technical analysis we can use supply and demand to determine where and how to invest money wisely. These charts take the emotion out of investing by showing us in X’s and O’s what to buy and what to sell. If you’d like to hear an example of point and figure charts doing just this, make sure to watch this week’s video.

Don’t let your emotions kill your investment performance! Learn how to avoid emotional investing today from our video!

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