Focus on Probability to Stack the Odds for Yourself

by | Sep 15, 2015 | News

Co-founder of StockTwits, Howard Lindzon, recently wrote a post that really hit home for me. He talked about focusing on probabilities and its importance to investors:

“I don’t believe in financial coincidences…there is only ‘inside information’ for the few and ‘probability’ for the masses…I am focused on probability. I am always trying to stack it. I follow strength in prices and smarter people than me that have to move markets (because they control bigger chunks of money).”

Howard’s mindset is closely aligned with ours at Mullooly Asset Management. Like Howard wrote, there are a select few that probably trade on “inside information”. Admitting that we aren’t one of those select few is the right move. By following the only thing that truly matters, price movement, we are able to stack the odds in our favor. We do this through a combination of point and figure charting and relative strength. We follow prices and participate in long term investment trends.