When is the Right Time to Invest? Video

by | Aug 12, 2013 | Asset Management, Videos

When it comes to investing, the question that everybody wants answered is, “When is the right time to invest?”. Tom and Brendan talk about the different market indicators we use at Mullooly Asset Management in this video. It would be great if there were one simple way to know whether or not it was a good time to invest, but there isn’t. Nobody can predict the future, but we can rely on different indicators to give us a better understanding of stock market conditions. This is part of our investing method at Mullooly Asset Management. We utilize long term, intermediate term, and short term stock market indicators to help us decide if it is time to invest more or take money off the table.

Tom refers to this investing strategy as a “dimmer switch” approach. As different market indicators fall or improve, we gradually buy or sell accordingly. The “dimmer switch” approach to investing makes a lot more sense than using an “on/off switch” mentality. The indicators help us to avoid being too bullish when the market is doing well, and too defensive when the market isn’t.

So when is the right time to invest? Watch this week’s Mullooly Asset Management video and learn more about how we determine that.

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