The latest episode of Living with Money was published this morning.  I talked with Peter Lazaroff, a Twitter-made friend and the Co-Chief Investment Officer of Plancorp and BrightPlan.  We discussed the importance of finding a financial plan to stick with, as well as avoiding lifestyle creep, reverse budgeting, the St. Louis Cardinals and much more!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘035 – Peter Lazaroff – Plancorp’ – Living With Money (PODCAST)

‘Wage Growth vs. the Stock Market’ – Ben Carlson – A Wealth of Common Sense

‘How Taxes and Inflation Do a Number on Your Retirement Earnings’ – Larry Light – Forbes

‘Fidelity Launches Two More Zero-Fee Funds’ – Investment News

‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things’ – Shane Parrish – Farnam Street


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