Tim’s Top Links – 8/24/17

by | Aug 24, 2017 | News

Remember when people were asking where all the market volatility went?  Well, it’s back.  We’re still just a few percentage points off highs, but the day-to-day moves in the market have become a little more volatile than we have seen earlier in the year.  I guess people are starting to come out of their summer trance.

Real quick, I want to give a birthday shout out to my brother, and co-worker, Casey Mullooly.  Casey turns 24 today.  Happy birthday, Case!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Drowning In Debt, Connecticut Faces Budget Crunch’ – Hilary Russ – Reuters

‘What Should I Do With My Next $___?’ – Justin Smith – Smith Partners

‘Change The Portfolio, Or Change The Investor’ – Daniel P. Egan

‘Where Market Liquidity Is Really Coming From’ – Kenneth Rapoza – Forbes

‘Why Options ETFs Are Gaining Traction’ – Sumit Roy – ETF.com



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