After a few days of the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 dropping a little bit, it seems to have stabilized once again.  It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen a 5% pullback in the market, and according to historical averages, we’re overdue.  If the last few days are any indication of how people will react to the next 5%, it’ll definitely be putting some people’s mindsets to the test.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Your Brain on $’ – Ben Carlson – A Wealth Of Common Sense

‘Do Dividend Stock Funds Belong In Your Portfolio?’ – Mike Piper – Oblivious Investor

‘In A Flash, It Was Gone’ – Sean McLaughlin

‘Four Questions Retailers Need To Ask Consumers, But Aren’t’ – Greg Petro – Forbes

‘Hazards Of Individual Stocks’ – Larry Swedroe –