As a BIG baseball fan, I’m personally looking forward to the next week or so with the MLB trade deadline approaching.  The memories of my beloved Mets making a handful of trades, ultimately landing Yoenis Cespedes, are still fresh in my head from last year.  We’ll see how things shake out!  Both in the MLB and in the stock markets.  Don’t forget, there’s a Fed meeting today!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Self-Directed IRA’s Can Help Protect You From Stock Market Crashes’ – Kirk Chisholm

‘5 Places To Put Your Money For Millennials’ – James Baskey – Sickle Hunter Financial Advisors

‘Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable’ – Isaac Presley – The Cordant Blog

‘Democrats vs. Republicans: Who Is Better For The Stock Market?’ – Peter Lazaroff – Forbes

‘Home Country Bias: The Worst Offenders’ – Josh Brown – The Reformed Broker


Timothy Mullooly