Tim’s Top Links – 6/23/17

by | Jun 23, 2017 | News

timAs a follow up to a recent article I published about the MLB All-Star game, I’d like to point out that Kyle Schwarber has been sent down to AAA.  He is currently 8th in the National League outfielder voting ranks.  A TRIPLE-A PLAYER IS RANKED 8th!  Clearly, this is 100% a popularity contest, and 0% a performance-based event.  Not to mention, Schwarber was out all of last season with a torn ACL, and only returned to have a few great weeks in the postseason.  Apparently, a few great WEEKS is enough to earn millions of votes the following season.  Let this be a lesson to you investors.  Past short-term results should NOT be the basis for “voting” an investment into your portfolio.  It’s not a popularity contest.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘The Reasonable Formation of Unreasonable Things’ – Morgan Housel – Collaborative Fund

‘Opposite Day’ – Josh Brown – The Reformed Broker

‘Rule Number 1 In Investing’ – Charlie Bilello – Pension Partners

‘They Can’t All Be That Smart’ – Christopher Meredith – Cutting Through Noise

‘How I Stopped ‘Awfulizing’ Retirement’ – Jonathan Look, Next Avenue – Forbes