Tim’s Top Links – 5/7/18

by | May 7, 2018 | News

Over the weekend the Mets ended their relationship with Matt Harvey.  After the news broke, Mets manager Mickey Callaway said he felt like the team failed Harvey and he wishes they could have helped him.  While that is a noble thing to say, it’s awfully hard to help a person who truly looked like he didn’t want to be helped.  After being sent to the bullpen, he was constantly sulking around, being rude to reporters, and not embracing the opportunity to work on his game.  He then refused a trip to AAA, and another chance to work on his game.

This got me thinking about the advisory business as well.  There are PLENTY of people out there who need help, and truly WANT help.  However, there are also people out there who need help, but just don’t want to take advice or tips from anyone.  It’s important for advisors to recognize the difference between those that can be helped, and those that cannot.  Your business will be better off.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘A Way Out of the 403(b) Maze’ – Dina Isola – Real Smartica

‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ – Fervent Finance

‘Whiteboard Series: Control What You Can Control’ – Justin Castelli – All About Your Benjamins

‘5 Lessons Ordinary Investors Can Learn From Warren Buffett’ – Annalyn Kurtz – U.S. News

‘The Mets’ Catching Problem Is Real, And It Goes Beyond Hitting’ – Nick Giacone – The 7 Line


Tims Top Links

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