As I was sitting at Citi Field at the Mets game on Saturday, I was thinking “wow, it really is great that Spring is here.  This 65 and sunny weather is AMAZING!” And then I woke up this morning to MORE SNOW.  I don’t know what Mother Nature is up to, but she’s a day late if this is some April Fool’s joke.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Ring Life’s Bell’ – Anthony Isola – A Teachable Moment

‘The Other Free Lunch In Investing’ – Phil Huber – BPs and Pieces

‘Be Terrified’ – Josh Brown – The Reformed Broker

‘How To Build Trust’ – Ben Carlson – A Wealth of Common Sense

‘Diversifying the What, How, and When of Trend Following’ – Corey Hoffstein – Newfound Research