timAs we here in New Jersey brace for what is (hopefully) the final snowstorm of the winter, there is another event to potentially brace for as well.  The Fed meets this week, and the consensus around the industry points towards another rate hike.  Something inside of me begins to doubt the industry’s certainty though when nearly everybody believes it will happen.  It still wouldn’t be a bad idea to mentally prepare for the Fed to do nothing.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Seeking Excess Returns In A Parking Spot’ – Phil Huber – BPs and Pieces

‘Sector Rotation and the Momentum Factor’ – Corey Hoffstein – Newfound Research

‘Does It Pay For An Index To Focus On Profits?’ – Christopher Gannatti – WisdomTree

‘Ready or Not, Another Rate Hike Is Coming’ – Brad Thomas – Forbes

‘How Hedge Funds Use ETFs’ – Sumit Roy – ETF.com