timOur team member, Brendan Mullooly, published a great blog post yesterday afternoon.  The post talks about how sometimes the “best” portfolios for investors isn’t the one that gets you to your goals the fastest.  Other factors need to be taken into account when constructing the best portfolio for clients.  To read the full article, click the link below!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘What Makes Something the “Best”‘ – Brendan Mullooly – Mullooly Asset Management

‘New Highs, New Lows, New Noise’ – Charlie Bilello – Pension Partners

‘Cash is King: 3 Ways To Manage It The Right Way’ – Peter Lazaroff – Forbes

‘The Only Requirement Is “Are You Alive?”‘ – Anthony Isola – A Teachable Moment

‘This Day In Financial History’ – Jason Zweig – A Safe Haven For Intelligent Investors