Tim’s Top Links – 2/14/19

by | Feb 14, 2019 | News

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!  It’s always nice seeing everyone share their love and happiness with the world on a day like today.  Especially when social media and the news can sometimes be filled with the opposite.  Have a great day!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Talkin’ Shop: Tyrone Ross Jr. and a Real Talk on Diversity’ – Justin Castelli – All About Your Benjamins

‘But We Need the Eggs’ – Ben Hunt – Epsilon Theory

‘The Case for Permanent Life Insurance’ – Jonathan Novy, Michael Batnick – The Irrelevant Investor

‘Circular Argument’ – Blair duQuesnay – The Belle Curve

‘5 Things to Know About Sustainable Funds’ – Jon Hale – Morningstar


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