Well, they’re over.  The Presidential debates have come and gone.  The only thing left is getting out to the voting booth and casting your ballot.  Whoever you choose to vote for, please just get out and vote.  As we saw in the Brexit vote not too long ago, these votes ACTUALLY DO COUNT.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘This Needs Saying. Helping Retirement Savers Isn’t Like Slavery’ – Barry Rithotlz – Bloomberg View

Examining The Dow’s Outperformance vs. the S&P 500′ – Lawrence Hamtil – Fortune Financial

‘What Does Nevada’s $35 Billion Fund Manager Do All Day? Nothing.’ – Timothy W. Martin – The Wall Street Journal

‘Inside Billionaire Steve Cohen’s Comeback’ – Jen Wieczner – Fortune

‘NBA Sent Players to Google, Facebook, & More To Help Answers One Of The Biggest Questions of Their Career – Life After Basketball’ – Scott Davis  – BI Sports