Tim’s Top Links – 10/9/18

by | Oct 9, 2018 | News

As Casey tweeted yesterday “A sign of a good fiction book is if you can’t put it down. A sign of a good non-fiction book is if you put it down a lot. Funny how that works”.  He is so right, and I think it’s an important reminder that while there is an unlimited amount of content out there, it’ll be beneficial to every once in a while put down the non-fiction and let your mind wander into a good fiction book.  Just something to keep in mind!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Mini-Golf, Anyone?’ – Richard Quinn – Humble Dollar

‘Why the Best Predictor of Future Stock Market Returns is Useless’ – Nick Maggiulli – Of Dollars and Data

‘Quant Investor Cliff Asness Hasn’t Smashed His Screen This Year – Yet’ – Erik Schatzker – Bloomberg

‘Checking in on Bond Market Losses’ – Ben Carlson – A Wealth of Common Sense

‘Should We Have Foreseen This Bull Market?’ – John Rekenthaler – Morningstar


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