Stock Market Influences: The “Greece-y” Market

by | Jul 6, 2011 | Stock Market Comments

Weekly Commentary for July 5, 2011

So why is the subject line “Sideways”? After all, I really wanted to call this the “Greece-y Market.”

It’s “Sideways” because there is a possibility this is how the stock market could move for awhile.

Look, isn’t it weird the market falls seven weeks straight… then moves straight UPfive days in a row?

It’s possible we could see five, six or seven weeks of sideways or straight up, followed by five, six or seven weeks of sideways to down.

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But wait… are we going to re-run 2008? No chance.

See, short term indicators for the stock market are up. That’s good.  Medium term indicators have not *yet* turned up.  That’s not so hot. But they are close to moving up.

We’ll feel better about committing more money in general when those indicators turn up. So stay tuned. OK, but… in what?  The sectors with the BEST relative strength, these are usually the first sectors to move. At the moment, that would be real estate, technology, and maybe gold.

And small caps, small cap, small caps.

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