Sell In May (and Go Away) in 2023?

by | May 5, 2023 | Videos

Sell in May, and go away, in 2023?  Really?

Should we be doing this with our investments?
We’ve heard this advice for decades.  The financial media loves to pound this point over and over, on an annual basis, every spring.

This often makes us FEEL like we are making some kind of mistake.  So, is sell in May something you should be doing?  In this week’s video, Tom discusses the concept behind “Sell in May and go away.”  There are times when this might want to be followed.

And other times when you may want to ignore “sell in May.”  There are times when it’s just “meh” and not necessarily, “May.”

Timestamps for “Sell in May”

0:29 – Best six months and Sell in May
0:58 – Weaker six months – May through October
– An alternate plan for May through October?
1:39 – Market conditions play a role
2:01 – 9 of the last 10 years – it could be “just an old saying”
2:19 – Stock Traders Almanac and Ryan Detrick
– If stocks are up heading into May…?

Ryan Detrick’s post:
Stock Traders Almanac (Jeff Hirsch, Yale Hirsch)     

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Transcript for “Sell in May?”
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