Sector-Based Investing: How ETF’s Changed the Game Video

by | Apr 8, 2013 | Asset Management, Videos

This video covers the topic of sector-based investing. Too often investors are distracted from what really matters by “hot stock tips” they hear on major news outlets. The reality of the matter is that the bulk of the risk in investments involves market conditions and being in the right sector. Choosing that “perfect stock” you’ve been hearing about on the news really doesn’t matter all that much. Of course, news outlets don’t want you to know that because they just want you to keep watching.

In this video Tom explains how getting invested in entire sectors has become much easier because of ETF’s. Sector-based investing is now simple because ETF’s let investment advisers buy entire sectors instead of having to buy each stock separately. Tom also walks through an example of sector-based investing towards the end of this video. The example talks about International Equities as a group, and how they came into favor in January of 2013.

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