Retirement Account Beneficiary Forms: Very Important

by | Aug 25, 2014 | Videos, Retirement Planning

For many investors today, their 401k account, pension plan, or IRA is the largest financial investment they have. Something that often goes overlooked is the beneficiary form of these retirement accounts. Tom is here to explain why neglecting to fill out, update, or otherwise pay attention to this form is a big mistake!

Retirement account beneficiary forms carry the final say in estate planning. When you pass away, it doesn’t matter what you intended or what your will says. We’ve seen some unfavorable situations occur because people never filled out their beneficiary form or forgot to update it. Like an ex-spouse receiving an IRA account, for example. Avoiding messy situations is as easy as keeping the beneficiary form up to date!

If you have any type of legal issues, we highly recommend consulting an attorney for advice. When it comes to updating beneficiary information on a retirement account, we recommend speaking with an investment advisor or financial planner.

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