My presentation at the 2017 Dorsey Wright Conference

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Asset Management, Videos

Tom Dorsey and Tom Mullooly

Tom Dorsey and Tom

On Thursday, November 9, 2017, I had the pleasure of being asked to address the attendees of the Dorsey Wright Point and Figure Institute. I spent the approximate length of a TED talk (17 minutes) talking about tools.

Specifically, I addressed how we use the tools provided by our good friends at Dorsey Wright (now a NASDAQ company) to run our business efficiently and productively.  Only three advisors were selected to present at this event.  On top of that, this is now my second opportunity in just a few years to speak.

Personally, I am grateful to our longtime friends at DWA for the way their tools and practice methods have helped shape the business we have today at Mullooly Asset Management.

Susan Morrison, Tammy Derosier with Tom Mullooly

Susan Morrison, Tammy Derosier with Tom

The conference has also become an opportunity to see old friends and re-connect.  While there were certainly other advisors and brokers from all over the country, it’s great to see folks who really know their craft as technicians.  Here’s Susan Morrison and Tammy Derosier, old friends and seriously professional technicians from Dorsey Wright!

Immediately after our section of the program, the keynote address was given by the “Godfather” of Technical Analysis, Ralph Acampora.  Ralph spoke for an hour, but easily could have gone for several hours more with his extensive knowledge of all things technical, and his very sharp Bronx-honed wit.  I did not know but prior to getting involved in Wall Street fifty years ago, Ralph actually was considering becoming a seminarian!  Ralph’s barn was featured a few weeks back in the Wall Street Journal.

Ralph Acampora and Tom Mullooly

Ralph Acampora and Tom

I am very grateful to Tom Dorsey and his team at Dorsey Wright.  From the moment I picked up Tom’s book (which is now over twenty years ago), I knew this was the path to success in managing money, and more importantly, managing the risk in portfolios.  The dust jacket of the (now-autographed book) has a photo of Tom with Tammy and Susan.  That book is a keeper.  Before I left for Richmond, I counted 71 dog-eared pages along with 31 paperclipped pages of my copy of the book.

I should have just highlighted the whole book.

The audio quality was great at the event, but you may struggle catching everything from the stage, and we apologize. As well, the camera was focused on me the entire time, and the slides cannot be seen in their entirety. We have also linked to the actual slides below the link to the video.


And here are the slides to the presentation:

[slideshare id=81852662&doc=mulloolyassetpresentation-171110124108]

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