Playing By the Rules

by | Dec 12, 2014 | News, Point and Figure, Technical Analysis

I read a really good post today written by Greg Harmon of Dragonfly Capital Management. It reminded me of something we say repeatedly on our podcasts, videos and posts: When the charts change, we will change.

Greg’s post is all about the investing process. No matter what process means to you (fundamentals, technicals, etc.), the key is having one. Greg talks about preparation saying:

“Preparation is important. In everything in life. It helps keep you focused and heading towards goals. You write down a grocery list to prepare to shop. You make a Christmas list to share with your friends and family. You study in High School and College to prepare for the workplace. You create a bridal registry before getting married and have a baby shower before your child is born.”

Investing is no different than grocery shopping or creating a bridal registry in the sense that you must be prepared with a plan.

Greg’s best point is that sometimes in the market, what you plan for never comes to fruition. This certainly happens in other aspects of life too. Sometimes you get so hyped up to put your awesome plan to work that you want to do it whether the circumstances call for it or not. This is the part where having a set process in place to dictate action (or non-action) is so important. Create your rules and play by them.

This is what we mean by, “When the charts change, we will change”. It’s not, “When we feel like it, we will change” or “When the charts get close, we will change”. We rely on our point and figure charts here at Mullooly Asset Management. We leave the gut-trading to the other guys and follow the rules.


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