Managing Your Investments Can Be A Full Time Job

Managing your investments can be a full time job.
Do you have the time?

Do you find yourself saying: “I Manage My Own Money and I Am Stuck”

In more than twenty-five years in the business, I have seen LOTS of people try to manage money and investments in their spare time. It’s a mistake! You will need this money someday.

For sixteen years, I worked for big firms like Dean Witter and Morgan Stanley and saw lots of mistakes SMART people make.

This is one of the reasons I formed Mullooly Asset Management as a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisory firm in 2002: to help individual investors wrestle with the ongoing investment landscape. For example, in 2002, there were very few exchange-traded funds (ETF’s) … today there are hundreds of ETF’s for every sector you can imagine.

The only fee we charge our investment clients is the fee to manage your account. There are no sales charges or additional fees built into our investments. When you make money, our business grows. When you lose money, we take a hit to our business as well. Fee-Only Investment Advice puts you, the client and adviser on the same side of the table.

We use a discount broker to handle the transactions in your account. We currently work with TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab. If you have another discount broker you absolutely love, talk with us. Maybe we can work through them for your account. Our clients get statements directly from the discount broker. Mullooly Asset Management does not take custody of your investments.

We are required to disclose our fee schedule, along with other disclosure documents, as soon as we begin managing your investments. We want transparency throughout the entire process.
You probably have LOTS of questions. You should! Call us at 732-223-9000 and ask away.

If you are wondering HOW Mullooly Asset manages your money, please take a look at the following:

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