Investing in Highly Priced Stocks

by | Jan 6, 2014 | Asset Management, Videos

Here’s a scenario most investors can relate to: You really like stock X, but stock X trades for a price per share that you think is outrageous. You’d still really like to own that stock though, so what are you supposed to do? Tom and Brendan talk about investing in highly priced stocks in this video from Mullooly Asset Management.

A perfect example of this scenario in today’s market would be an investor who wants to own shares of Google. Google (GOOG) is currently trading over $1,100 per share, and this makes a lot of investors think they can’t afford Google. There’s a way to gain exposure to Google without spending $1,100 per share though.

Investing in highly priced stocks becomes simpler through the use of ETFs. If you’re interested exposure to Google, you can purchase an ETF which has a large majority of its holdings in Google. The price is normally much lower than buying individual shares of the stock, and you gain exposure to other similar stocks in the sector as well.

As always you should do your research and speak with your investment advisor before making any decision to buy or sell an ETF (or any type of investment). However, ETFs might be able to provide you with a lower cost solution to owning the highly priced stocks that you like.

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