Intermediate Term Indicators: Why They Probably Apply to You Video

by | Dec 26, 2012 | Videos, Technical Analysis

Last week’s Mullooly Asset Management video focused on long term indicators. This week Tom and Brendan move on from the long term to talk about intermediate term indicators. These indicators are the most important indicator for people with their own portfolio or a 401k account from their place of employment. They provide a refreshing balance between the short term indicators and the long term indicators. Short term indicators are best used for entry and exit points and daily trading. Focusing on the intermediate term indicators is typically the plan at Mullooly Asset Management.

There are more intermediate term indicators to look at than the three long term indicators we discussed last week. Every intermediate term indicator is a bullish percent chart. Bullish percent charts for world markets, the OTC market, and the New York Stock Exchange are all looked at as indicators. Equity mutual funds’ bullish percent charts are both long and intermediate term indicators. Other indicators that are considered are the bullish percent for all equities and optionable stocks.

If bullish percent doesn’t sound familiar to you we have covered it before in previous videos that you should check out. It is most important to know that bullish percent is an indicator, but not necessarily an “on/off switch”. This means we pay attention to bullish percent, but we don’t immediately sell or buy based on the charts. We aren’t looking for the same buy or sell signals as usual when we use a bullish percent chart.

If you have a portfolio or a 401k account you should have some basic knowledge about intermediate term indicators. Watch this quick Mullooly Asset Management video and learn a little bit.

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