Trouble Getting Money From an Old Retirement Account

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Retirement Planning, Videos

Are you leaving a job or retiring? If you’re doing this currently or have done this in the past, you probably want to know how you can get money out of your old retirement account and into a new IRA. This is your hard-earned money in the account, so you should be interested in getting it into your possession. In this video Tom and Brendan talk about some difficulties they’ve encountered when getting money from an old retirement account for clients.

The vast majority of problems getting money from an old retirement account happen when the account is not held at an online, discount brokerage firm. With these bigger discount brokerage firms, distributions are typically quick and painless. Tom and Brendan talk about the problems that tend to arise when your former company’s retirement plan isn’t at an online brokerage firm.

Make sure to watch the video if you are having issues getting money from an old retirement account. Tom and Brendan walk through how they typically deal with the problems that could come up in the process. Keep in mind that this is your money, and you will get it!

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