Are You Busy? Try Jott To Get Yourself Organized

by | May 14, 2008 | Asset Management

Jott is a great way to send reminders to yourself.

But more importantly: the note will be sent by e-mail or text message (or both) to yourself and the reminder will be a text message 15 minutes before whatever time you choose.

Now, I use Outlook at work. And, I can’t type very well. I can take my e-mailed message when I get back to the office — since it’s sitting in my inbox — and drag it over as a task or future appointment or reminder. I can link it to a record and now I’ve got a permanent written note about my meeting today.

One of the most important features about Jott is the price — it’s free!

But this next point is where Jott starts taking steroids: you can transfer your address book — or your important contacts (like your kids?) into your database at Jott.

Suppose you need to get a note to someone before the end of the day. You can Jott a note and it will appear on that person’s cell phone as a text message. Essentially, you are dictating text message. You can also have the same message e-mailed instead of (or in addition to) sent by text.

Everyone knows the risks and danger of texting while driving. It’s a dumb idea — don’t do it.
Jott gives you a way to send a text to someone from your cell phone, without having to type it all out. It’s important to be 100% focused on the road while driving. It’s a much better way to get stuff done, wouldn’t you agree? There is no limit on the number of messages you can send to yourself or to others, and you’ve got to love the price!

Jott also is set up to stuff books and things into your shopping cart at Amazon, you can make blog posts, dictate notes, emails, reminders — not only to yourself, but to anyone in your phone book. And if you don’t have time to type it all out — or are just a lousy self-taught typist like me, Jott is the solution.

The website has some short videos you can watch (they are also on you tube) that do a better job displaying the great uses of this tool for busy folks that want to stay organized.

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