Are you busy? Got a cell phone?

by | May 13, 2008 | Asset Management

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve concluded a meeting, or left an appointment and scribbled
something down on a piece of paper and jammed it in my pocket. Then, hours later (or days later), I’ll find
that little scribbled note and wonder “now what the heck does that
mean?” Or, “what was I
supposed to do with this?”

Or maybe you’re very
diligent — and you actually write things down in a notebook. But when you get back to the office — or
when the day is done, you then have to move your notes (or re-copy them) into
your computer, daytimer or whatever tool you use. Doing the work twice.

I found this really
cool tool called Jott. If you can find
on the web at

Here’s how jott
works: go to the website and establish an account using your e-mail address and
your cell phone number. It’s a free
Then, program your cell phone
to call Jott — it’s a toll-free number.

When you finish a
meeting, pick up your phone and call Jott — I have it programmed on speed dial as “2” on my
cell phone. So I simply hold down 2
an I’m connected with Jott. A nice
friendly computer voice will ask you “who do you want to Jott?” You reply, “myself.” And then you hear a beep. You can leave a message up to 30 seconds
long, and once you’re done a nice friendly computer voice will say “got
it.” Then it will ask you “do you
want a reminder?” If you do, say
yes. That’s it!

Read part II to find out more about this. It will most certainly help you become more productive!

Take a moment and check it out!

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