Financial Media Sources: Know Their Spin Video

by | Aug 19, 2013 | Asset Management, Videos

It is very important to remember that all financial media sources have their own agenda. Whether you’re watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading a newspaper article the author is sharing their personal opinion with you! This does not mean that you have to take their word as gospel. In fact, you should really pay attention to where you get your news from, and think about what their job is.

The individuals who work at these different financial media sources, like Marketwatch and Bloomberg, are paid to create an audience. This means that they want to capture your attention through any means possible. The financial media doesn’t know anything about your personal financial situation, and is not suited to give you investment advice. So when you watch any financial news outlet make sure to know their spin. Instead of trusting that they’re being 100% truthful with you, do a little research of your own. Form your own opinions, and consult with your investment advisor when you need a professional’s take on your personal financial situation.

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