Your 401k Plan: More Choices Due to SDBA’s Video

by | Mar 18, 2013 | Videos, Retirement Planning

The vast majority of people with 401k accounts set theirs up years ago and have never made a single change since! If you just read that statement and wondered why it’s a big deal then you really need to watch this video. Tom and Brendan discuss why so many investors have such a lack of education when it comes to the options that exist in their 401k accounts. Since the creation of the 401k plan, educational information for investors has been scarce.

Tom and Brendan cover a lot in this video. They decided the best way to educate viewers about 401k accounts was to start at the beginning with their creation. The entire history of the 401k plan is covered in this video. At the end of Tom and Brendan’s conversation they focus on the growing options available to investors currently. Since 2006 a lot has happened to allow self directed brokerage accounts to thrive. This is great news that many investors are still unaware of. If you haven’t made any changes to your 401k plan since the initial set up, you need to watch this video!

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