A lot is being made of the Kylie Jenner article in Forbes yesterday (linked below).  People are up in arms about the fact that Forbes is calling her a “self-made” woman, saying that it shouldn’t count as “self-made” because she leveraged her family’s fame to make money.  There are PLENTY of rich children out there who didn’t make $900 million in three years.  Yes, she had plenty of recognition and a HUGE platform for publicity, but that does not take away from what she’s been able to accomplish being only TWENTY YEARS OLD.  Personally, I think people just like to have something to complain about, but that’s just me.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘How 20-Year Old Kylie Jenner Built a $900 Million Fortune in Less Than 3 Years’ – Forbes

‘Mortgage Rates in the 21st Century’ – Barry Ritholtz 

‘What I Learned from Daniel Kahneman’ – Jason Zweig

‘Our Conversation with Adam Butler’ – Corey Hoffstein – Newfound Research (PODCAST)

‘Angelo Fiouris – Altice USA’ – Living With Money (PODCAST)


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