Stock Market Whipsaw

by | Aug 27, 2007 | Asset Management

Indicators turn positive.

Here’s the deal: if you’re aggressive, it’s time to start dipping a toe back in the water. Often, what starts out as a short term thing turns into a long term event (kind of like moving from dating to marriage, right?).

But beware, we may have to un-do everything — in short order — if the indicators turn negative again. The possibility of that happening is still 50/50 today. That’s when people feel like they are getting whipsawed by the stock market. We want to avoid that. We want to stack the odds in our favor. Looking for ideas? We’re just a phone call away, at 732-223-9000.

If you’re not aggressive, sit tight. I don’t have a single client who is 100% in cash. 100% cash is a very aggressive stance. You could miss a lot when the market starts to turn up if you’re sitting out the dance.

I wanted to keep my message today short, sweet and to the point. So I’ll post the REASONS for all these changes later today.


Thomas Mullooly
Mullooly Asset Management LLC
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