NY State Deferred Comp updates log-in process

by | Nov 3, 2015 | NYSDCP

The NY State Deferred Compensation program has recently begun changing the way participants can log in to their retirement account online.
There are TWO important changes.

  1. Many (but not all) participants are being asked to update their username.  This is especially true if any personally identifiable information (like a social security number or date of birth alone) has been used as your username or password.
  2. Additionally, NYSDCP is asking participants to verify their email address.  Participants are also required to pick four security questions and answers.  These security questions and answers will ONLY be used when a username or password is changed in the future.

Although you may not be planning on changing your log-in credentials any time soon, verifying your email and the security Q&A’s are required now.
When you change your log-in credentials, you need to let us know!
Otherwise we cannot monitor your holdings.

You can log into your NYSDCP account here: www.nysdcp.com



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