Our lives are a spectrum. From “good” to “bad”. From “high” to “low”.

Life is kind of like Statistics 101. Your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are data points on the bell curve of your life.

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When you’re feeling “good” you don’t want it to end. You don’t want to take the time from what’s being done to take note of the feeling.

When you’re feeling “bad”, it feels like it will never stop.

The hard part is realizing when these moments are actually happening. The hard part is paying attention to what you’re actually feeling. And knowing that it won’t last forever.

Acknowledge what feels “good” and what feels “bad”. To foster the “good” it needs to be known what “good” is to YOU. To dull the “bad” it needs to be calmly accepted.

Thinking about your feelings seems easy and stupid, but awareness is the first step to change.