Must-Knows About Retirement Spending

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Podcasts

Must-knows About Retirement Spending

Here’s something different – what are the must-knows about retirement spending?    Spending?   Don’t we mean saving?
While our industry in general spends an enormous amount of time preaching about saving for retirement, little ink gets spilled discussing the must-knows of retirement spending.  Why is that?

Part of the answer stems from folks thinking it is taboo to spend money, especially after a lifetime of saving.
How do you change course?   After all, you have been saving (practically) your entire career!

In this podcast (episode #438), Tim and Tom discuss an excellent piece written by Christine Benz from Morningstar on this very topic of learning the must-knows about retirement spending.

Please enjoy 26 minutes of retirement planning goodness!

Time Stamps for Must-knows in Retirement Spending
1:40 – Concept of the “income floor”
3:45 – knowing your numbers
4:58 – Current conditions
5:54 – Returns on short-term investments
7:58 – Golfer analogy – good!
9:20 – Maintain a balanced portfolio helps
10:10 – the “bucket” approach
11:30 – Protecting against inflation / projecting future inflation
13:54 – Real returns vs. Nominal returns
16:15 – Lifestyle, an “event” vs a “process”
17:50 – Semper Gumby, “planning” vs. “the plan”
19:50 – “I need two million dollars, always”

Christine Benz article in Morningstar
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Transcript for Must-knows About Retirement Spending

(Check back – this transcript will be posted shortly!)

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