Where Are You Going On A Trip This Year?

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Podcasts

Where Are You Going On A Trip This Year?   When we are mentally pulling together a budget in our heads, it is easy to add up mortgage, insurance, groceries, gas money, etc.   But when you are trying to gauge your cash flow, do you think about where you are going on a trip this year?  Or gifts you may buy once a year for someone in your life?

In podcast episode 437, Tim and Tom discuss why asset allocation is like pepperoni pizza, Tim’s (prior) fascination with Cosmic Brownies, along with a wrap-up of the first quarter – from the view of ripping open your statements.

26 minutes of pure financial planning joy can be found in the link nearby!
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Time Stamps
0:30    1st quarter wrap-up
3:10    Getting defensive at the wrong times
7:33    Do we need “reasons why” markets do what they do?
11:25   Asset allocation & pepperoni pizza
13:30   Wall Street Journal and Veronica Dagher
16:10   Inflation and the impact on your cash flow
20:17   Where are you going on a trip this year?
23:35   What can Cosmic Brownies can tell you about your spending?

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