Market Analysis: Why Dorfman’s 30-30 Club Isn’t That Special

by | Apr 14, 2011 | Podcasts, Stock Market Comments

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In this week’s John Dorfman column, he makes an analogy between the 30-30 club in baseball and his own 30-30 club for businesses.  To make his cut, the stock has to have a 30% return on stockholders equity in the last year and 30% average annual earings growth over the past five years.

Here’s the point:  30-30 in baseball isn’t such a big deal anymore. The same goes for businesses.

Who cares if stockholders’ equity grew by 30% in the last year?
We want to know what’s happening this year.

Even though some of the names are in positive trends, I don’t like relying on fundamental analysis.  If you buy a stock because some analyst expects (PREDICTS) an average annual growth, you’re sunk if those earnings don’t perform as expected.

As an investment adviser, it’s not prudent for me to make “blanket recommendations” – if you have any questions, call us at the office and we’ll talk about the names on the list.

Here’s the real kicker: at the end of the article, Dorfman discloses that he only owns one of the names on his Elite list.
John, if you really feel a particular stock is “elite”, do your clients a favor: BUY IT.

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