MAM 179: DOL – Will the Department of Labor Proposed Regulations Go Through?

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Podcasts, Asset Management

The DOL Regulations — will they go through?

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Proposed Department of Labor (DOL) regulations are slated to go into effect in April 2017.  Will this actually happen?

The DOL began working on these regulations (“fiduciary regulations”) back in 2010.

DOL, Department of Labor

Six years later, the rule was set in motion with an enactment date of April 10, 2017 and full enactment by January 2018.  But there now seems to be some question whether the new incoming Trump administration will allow the DOL regulations to see the light of day.

The proposed regs are forcing many in the investment community to reexamine their current business practices.  the biggest issue is firms cannot “roll the dice” and hope the Trump administration will terminate it, scale it back or delay it.  That’s a risky bet.

Here are some time spots in the podcast episode 179.  Feel free to skip to different spots to pick up the conversation:

2:45 Thanks to @ritholtzwealth for their very pithy way of explaining the role of a fiduciary!

3:15 Explaining a difference between brokers and advisors

4:45 Potential challenges for 401k accounts and IRA accounts

5:40 Some proposed changes under DOL

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