Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin is the youngest governor in Alaskan history — and — the first woman governor of Alaska. Palin was recently interviewed by Larry Kudlow, who is a terrific economist. Larry hosts a radio show on Saturday mornings in New York on WABC (“The Larry Kudlow Radio show”). I have called in and spoken with Larry on several occasions.

During the interview, Palin and Kudlow spend time talking about how to relieve the enormous demand for oil here in the United States by tapping the reserves found in the Arctic Natural Wildlife Reserve also known as ANWR.

Did you know that the area in question in ANWR is roughly 2000 acres — about the size of LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)? This is the area that is located just east of Prudhoe Bay in Alaska’s North Slope…which happens to be North America’s largest oil field and accounts for nearly 17% of all US oil production.

One of the big hurdles is it will take five years to get oil from that area to your corner gas station. It’s a shame so much time is being wasted — we are all paying the price now at the pump. In her interview, Paling claims there are billions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas sitting there waiting for us to use.

Click here to read the interview. I think you’ll enjoy it.